Problems with bus stops

Now you can report to FixMyTransport via UK Bus Checker

UK Bus Checker is a national travel app which provides bus arrival information on your mobile. Clearly, we have a lot in common, so when they got in touch to see if there was a way we could work together, we were all ears.

The Bus Checker app works just like the information displays you can find at some bus stops, but with the advantage that you can check arrival times from anywhere – at work, in bed… or indeed while standing at bus stops that haven’t got displays.

You can also use UK Bus Checker to report problems with bus stops. Sound familiar? Well, that’s where FixMyTransport came in. After a bit of tinkering on both our sides, iPhone users can now report bus stop issues from UK Buschecker, and those which concern damage to the bus stop will be routed via FixMyTransport.

UK Bus Checker hope to roll out this feature to Android and Windows Phone early next year, too.

We’re really delighted to have opened up this new channel. FixMyTransport users have seen many successes with bus stop issues getting fixed, and it will be great to offer our platform to the users of UK Bus Checker.

UK Buschecker app - now integrates with FixMyTransport - screen 1       UK Buschecker app - now integrates with FixMyTransport - screen 2

UK Buschecker app - now integrates with FixMyTransport - screen 3      UK Buschecker app - now integrates with FixMyTransport - screen 4

UK Bus Checker screenshots:

1. Locate your bus stop, via search, or automatic geolocation

2. The app gives you arrival information for your chosen stop

3. There’s the chance to report any problems with the bus stop. Select whether you want to report an information error, or a problem with the actual bus stop.

4. Reports of damage are routed to FixMyTransport, where, as always, they are sent to the body responsible for bus stops, and at the same time published on our site for comments and support.

As for the information error reports, UK Bus Checker monitor them to identify significant or persistent problems, which they’ll then report on directly to TfL and Traveline.