What’s this?

This is a blog from the team behind FixMyTransport. It reflects the opinions of individual members of the team — it does not represent the official position of the project itself.

FixMyTransport was built to help people get common public transport problems resolved. It is targeted specifically at smaller problems such as persistently broken ticket machines, buses that always leave early, or silly rules that appear to do nothing but create inconvenience for travellers.

Currently, FixMyTransport is just for Great Britain, but, hey, these are still early days.

To find out more about FixMyTransport, see the website at www.fixmytransport.com

Who are we?

We’re the coders, volunteers and anoraks who keep FixMyTransport firing on all cylinders.

Between us, we comprise a group of helpful people who think public transport is both wonderful and essential. We also happen to think that the operators who run it can and should be held publicly accountable for making things as good as they can be. Our individual expertise varies from hard-core open source coders, through to transport experts and — especially importantly — regular, ticket-buying users of public transport.

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FixMyTransport is a project of mySociety, which is a community of volunteers and (paid) open source coders. We run other helpful civic-minded websites, not just about transport. If you’re interested in knowing more about us, read What’s it all about then, eh? And yes, we can always use good vounteers or kindly donations.

We like clean trains, smiley bus drivers, and toilets that are not out of order. We love travel operators who run reliable services, provide clear information, and — best of all! — treat passengers as people.