FixMyTransport volunteers: Shaun

Following on from FixMyTransport volunteers Peter and Paul, meet Shaun.

Shaun is a keen cyclist who is involved in the open-source Open Street Map, and also works for a transport data organisation. With maps, transport, open data and roads featuring so strongly in both his personal and professional life, it was perhaps inevitable that he would eventually be called to FixMyTransport.

Asked what exactly FixMyTransport volunteer work consists of, Shaun says, “I comment on some of the FixMyTransport reports that come in, and answer some of the queries that users have. I spend a few hours per week, spread out, so it’s usually only a few minutes to half an hour at a time. From time to time there are evening meet ups with other mySociety people, too.

“When I’m out and spot an issue, I report it, so that it can be fixed and also so that there’s a record online for anyone else affected by the same, or a similar, problem in the future. Also, I’ll often suggest that other people complain about public transport problems via FixMyTransport.

“I really like being able to use my own knowledge to help other people. It was being able to help others, and the ability to make use of my knowledge, while learning new stuff, that first attracted me to the role.”

FixMyTransport volunteers are all avid users of public transport themselves, and of course not just confined to this country. Asked what his favourite route is, Shaun says, “Going on a ferry, especially Harwich to Hook of Holland with my bicycle”.

Interested in becoming a FixMyTransport volunteer? Find out more here.